Historical Data Selector

HTML Data View

To retrieve historical data for web display * Hourly Data * Daily Data * Monthly Data
  1. Please use auto complete form to select Station ID
  2. Please select sensor from the drop down list
  3. Enter a Start Date or an End Date. Leave Start Date blank for one month back of records. Leave End Date blank to retrieve records up to present.
  4. Click the "Get Data" button only once.

Station ID
Sensor Number:
Start Date

End Date

General Data Download

To get data in JSON or Comma-Separated Value (CSV) format:
Please use the form: Webservice JSON and CSV Fill in a Station ID and click "View JSON Data" or "Download CSV Data Now".
Leave either date field blank for beginning or end of record.

NOTE: Times in the output rows will reflect the current local time (California/Los Angeles).Since it is currently not daylight savings time, all the data rows returned will be shown as PST.